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Online Service Rates


Everybody deserves healing which is why sliding scale is available upon request. Please book an appointment for an intake or email for more information on rates and services. For a free 30 minute video or phone consultation please call or email.

Types of Services

Individual therapy allows a client to be healed on a one-to-one basis. With an integrated approach of holistic wellness and modern therapy, client's will be able to achieve goals and heal traumas you didn't even know you had (or maybe you do and now you are finally ready to heal). In individual therapy, you can go as deep as you are willing to but with me, you will be pushed to go deeper. My support will be there along the way and you will not feel alone in your healing journey.

This therapy is for Adults and Children


Children must have parental/guardian consent and Parent(s)/Guardian(s) must agree to being an active member in treatment.

Guidelines and Limits of Confidentiality will be gone over in writing and in the first session.


Family Therapy is a process when a parent(s)/guardian(s) and a child(ren) meet with a therapist in order to treat the family system on a situation or circumstance that is currently going on or that has already happened and causing issues within the family dynamic. Oftentimes, when there is an challenge with a child(ren) or the parent(s)/guardian(s), the whole family is affected. It is like a chain reaction. In these situations, treating the whole family is best because no one will feel singled out and the family will all be able to learn tips, tricks, and tools to help when times get tough.

Guidelines and Limits of Confidentiality will be gone over in writing and in the first session.

Romantic Relationship Therapy is a process where individuals who are in a relationship, meet with a therapist in order to combat a challenge that is currently affecting the relationship. This can be anything from intimacy issues, a feeling of disconnect, struggles in communication, or a feeling of not being loved, validated or heard.

Guidelines and Limits of Confidentiality will be gone over in writing and in the first session.



Defining Relationships

  • Independent is when there is independence in a relationship that includes balance.

  • Codependent is when one or oftentimes both/all, are dependent on each other. These relationships completely forfeit independence.

  • Open is similar to independent but when both/all parties agree that it is okay to see other people outside of the relationship.

  • Long-Distance is when there is physical distance between those in the relationship.

  • Toxic is when there is a lack of value and respect for the other. It is also when one person has no empathy for the other and the other has little to no self-confidence.

Modalities Used

Motivational Interviewing is an approach to therapy that involves seeing how motivated a person is to change and helping them find the motivation to make positive change.

Attachment Based therapy is an approach that targets someone's thoughts, feelings, communication, and behaviors that people have learned to hide, avoid, or amplify because of early attachment.

Solution Focused is an approach to therapy that focuses on solution building and not problem-solving.

Trauma Informed is an approach to therapy that involves an awareness that trauma is present, recognizes the many ways that trauma can show up in individuals, and an identification of one's triggers.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an approach to therapy that involves an effort to change thinking patterns that are not working in one's day to day living.

Experience in the Following Areas

*Denotes Area of Expertise

​              LGBTQIA+*

  • Trauma*

  • Gender Identity

  • Parenting*

  • Depression and Anxiety*

  • Challenges with Communication

  • Grief/Loss

  • Issues Stemming from the Pandemic*

Healthcare Worker, Burnout, Compassion Fatigue, Job Loss,

Working Remote​

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