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Licensed Holistic Teletherapy in California, Oregon, & New Jersey

Audio/Phone and Video through the Simple Practice App

Our Story

From Hurt to Hope, LLC was created with the words “Trauma Informed Holistic Therapy” in mind. At From Hurt to Hope, we view Holistic approaches as a way to treat the mind, body, and soul. We believe that therapy should not just involve the mind because when the body or soul is out of alignment, the "whole person" is affected. We have seen first-hand how Holistic treatments combined with therapy help to improve a person’s well being. Spiritual Services like Shamanic Healing and Intuitive Card Reading can be recommended through a list of professional referrals. From Hurt to Hope aims to help others find healing and balance through an approach that involves validation, boundary setting, skill building, and care; that, integrated with a Holistic approach, sets apart this therapy from the rest. Which brings us to your journey, From Hurt to Hope.


From Hurt to Hope will provide affordable Holistic Counseling services to those seeking support & healing for their Mind, Body, & Soul. Helping those with difficult life circumstances & trauma, on their journey of healing and self-rediscovery.


To incorporate traditional therapy techniques with Holistic and spiritual approaches and referrals (if the client is agreeable) to treat the "whole person".


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